How to spot a Corrosive 8 work on the street...

You’ll see many surreal and silly characters and icons in Thayen’s work.  Much of it is cheeky with plenty of political, soft porn and druggy references.

So when you’re out and about – mostly on the streets of London – look out for his frequent use of the following icons...


  • Angry Burning Crowns

  • Madskulls

  • Flying Eyeballs

  • Barcodes

  • Tentacles*

  • Flying Vag-EYE-nas

  • The LizERd Queen

  • Anarchy Marmite

  • Fantasy Banknotes

  • Punk Sheep

  • Sab Bunny

  • 3-eyed Mickey Mouse


*The artist is aware that such limbs are often referred to as ‘tentacles’ but, technically, some animals have ‘arms’ that look like tentacles!


These pieces of work will often include his slogans, such as;


  • Mad In England

  • You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Be Arty

  • I’m An Artist - Your Rules Don’t Apply

  • Riot Here Riot Now

  • plus other political statements


Sometimes these graphics are ‘paste-ups’ or stickers, or printed on ceramic tiles or plates. Often, they’re signed by the artist with Corrosive 8  – but not always.

Thayen’s unique designs have appeared on T-shirts, tiles, posters, banners, tea towels, badges, stickers, cups, plates and album covers.


His original designs are also on permanent display on the outside of a world-famous residential mosaic house in Chiswick and even on a toilet block under the Westway!

Flying Eyeball
Angry Burning Crown
3-eyed Mickey Mouse
Three-eared Mickey example.jpg
Tentacles (or 'arms' if you prefer!)
More pictures to be added soon!