The Art of Corrosive 8
aka Thayen Rich

Thayen works in a distinctive graphic style.


Think of the old school ‘cut n paste’ collages of the original fanzine era with a definite punk vibe.

Armed with marker pens, paper, scalpel, glue and correction fluid – there are no computers involved.

These works for the streets are made quickly. Once he has the idea, Thayen will sketch it out, develop it on paper and if it looks right, finish it up fast to keep hold of the energy.

He’s then compelled to get it up on a wall somewhere.

To sustain the buzz, he wants to get a reaction of any kind – maybe he’ll stick around to see what happens...


It’s just as good if someone is disgusted and rips it down as if the work stays up over months, and to see how it deteriorates over time.  Or perhaps another artist will add to it and it takes on another life.


There’s something about altering the environment, even in a small way and especially a minor disruption of a predictable, usually urban space, that makes it all the more rewarding for Thayen.

As an understated player in the craftivist movement, he often works with tiles and other found objects – from discarded packaging to abandoned toys.

There’s something about corrupting the innocence of childhood by mutating toys that appeals to him.

Throughout the process of making, Thayen will photograph the work and share it online.

Often these photos of 3D models are photocopied and manipulated and will go on to form part of another work.