Thayen Rich aka CORROSIVE 8



Thayen Rich is a street artist, craftivist and anarchist activist working predominantly in London and south-east UK.

His work mainly features drawn and found images cut and pasted in the punk style but his creative career has explored many forms such as model-making, graphic design, film, photography, comic strips, packaging, public art, storyboarding, logos, flyers, mosaic projects, festival environments, advertising and direct-action campaigning.

He’s passionate about being provocative - through his art and with political agitation.

He has been creating cheeky anarchic artworks since he was a teenager and went on to study at High Wycombe College of Art and immersed himself in the ‘70s punk explosion.



Thayen has worked on large-scale public art projects and has had work on show at numerous exhibitions, perhaps most notably the Disobedient Objects show at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

He co-founded the Treatment Rooms Collective and has collaborated with many well-known artists over the years.


He generated the striking designs for the internationally known Art Car - The Tiki Love Truck, a couple of Art Elephants and the world-renowned Mosaic House in West London.



During this time, Thayen was a curator for the Black Sheep Gallery in London where he needed to balance its commercial demands with his own radical agenda - whilst also ensuring a cohesive balance of the overall art on display.

Sales helped raise funds for Reel News and other alternative media groups, plus other campaign organisations such as the Single Homeless Project.



Thayen also co-founded GuilFin, the leading and massively respected, underground monthly listings of festivals, parties and protests that developed a huge following in the 1990s.  He designed all of the publication’s graphics using his distinctive style mixing fantasy and political imagery into memorable collages which later became available as limited-edition posters.

Together with his event producer brother, Liam, they also created the legendary GuilFin Ambient Lounge, the 24hr performance venue that toured UK festivals from Glastonbury to GuilFest.



His route into commercial work was

through comics – including five years

on the internationally well-known Jeff Hawke newspaper strip and for the legendary 2000AD comic anthology.

This work led to storyboarding for films,

TV and commercials, which he has now

done for three decades to support his campaign work.



Thayen has been an active political artist throughout his adult life. He has led peaceful direct actions and campaigns against various animal and human rights violations, including the Poll Tax, Clause 28, hunting, battery farming and the Criminal Justice Act 1994 - being arrested on numerous occasions for his beliefs.


He was involved in campaigning for prisoners on Death Row and the fight to gain justice for the Angola 3 and Kenny Zulu Whitmore, including work on the Treatment Room’s Zulu Taxi and he has donated art and designs to support many progressive campaign groups.


Thayen is behind the creation of several underground art brands including Mad in England which is often incorporated into the work of his most recent creative persona, Corrosive8.

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Old Guilfin_edited.jpg
Photo by Paul Mattsson
Jeff Hawke newspaper strip
A front cover from a late issue of GuilFin
Phoolan - one of two Art Elephants with designs by Thayen Rich in collaboration with Nick Reynolds and Carrie Richards, and made for the Elephant Parade in 2010.
The unique mosaic designs were largely by Thayen Rich who also lived at the house with his then partner, fellow artist and Treatment Rooms spokesperson, Carrie Richards
The front of the Mosaic House in Chiswick with the Tiki Love Truck & Zulu Taxi parked outside
The Tiki Love Truck designed by the artist soon after co-founding the Treatment Rooms' artist collective.  The photo here shows the truck on display at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London
An example of T'shirt design by the artist


Thayen Rich with his dog
Screenshot 2021-12-02 at 18.57.04.png
One of many distinctive Mad in England designs conceived by the artist and shared for use by other Treatment Room artists such as Carrie Richards.